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Self Portrait Saturday

Through The Looking Glass

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Created by dangerousface to help propagate Self Portrait Saturday among the other camera-whore masses.

Every Saturday, regardless of where I'm at, I take a self portrait on my nifty digital camera. Over time, they've become a record of where I've been, how I've been, and how I've changed over the days/weeks/months. They're easily my memories..

The rules:

Portraits don't need to be taken on a Saturday, but they certainly can be.

Portraits don't need to be in any particular media--I take pictures, but if you draw/paint/sculpt/whatever, that's cool, too.

Please save our friends lists and place large images behind lj cuts.

Ditto for adult images--please place them behind cuts and notate in your subject that the image may not be worksafe [NWS/NSFW].

If you want to post context, please do.